Bill Dyess has been a Licensed Real Estate Broker for over four decades. Licensed both in Alabama and Florida, he has enjoyed success as a broker, homebuilder, and developer of subdivisions and high-rise condominiums such as La Serena on Perdido Key, Florida, a 51-unit luxury waterfront complex that stands out as one of the most well designed and coveted residences in the area.

Bill also developed a large Outdoor Advertising Company in South Alabama in the 1990’s consisting of over 100 monopoles units, which he sold in the early 2,000’s and is currently owned by the public company Lamar Advertising.

Developing properties and businesses comes natural to Bill, he has a clear vision and understanding of the complexities of zoning and public interest. While developing retail space near the Alabama State Park, Bill saw the availability and need for recreational additions to the park, so he prompted the development of the state parks “Back-country-trail” and donated over 30-acres of lake-front property to the State of Alabama to complete the trails connection to the beach and the new State Convention Center.


  • Auburn University
  • Jones Law School


Bill Dyess is currently focusing his brokerage on helping small and midsize regional businesses expand by adding strategic locations. He is also listing a limited number of select commercial and development properties to bring to market. He strives to be upfront and frank with his clients and doesn’t take on client properties which he doesn’t strongly believe will work within his scope of expertise. Large undeveloped parcels of land with exceptional zoning and good potential attributes, underutilized existing commercial properties, and some luxury residential, or mixed-use zoned estates, are his current focus for new sales.

Bill partners with independent real estate attorneys, accountants, and digital marketers to aid him in developing unique, outside-the-box advertising campaigns, maximum property valuations, and usage concepts that promote his exclusive properties. Having been a developer and having rezoned numerous parcels allows Bill to work with any buyers through all stages of the deal-making-process to guarantee successful transactions.

Bill’s experience brings to any potential sale the ability to quickly eliminate untenable offers and to focus strictly on the more feasible deals to be made. Bring buyers and seller together for an equitable deal is always his goal and he enjoys using outside-the-box problem solving to build new and successful relationships.